Vision and Mission


To be an organisation of the black business leaders at the pinnacle of thought leadership.


BBEC’s mandate crystallised to become a bold voice of senior black business leaders – the new Captains of Industry. These new captains of industry sought to distinguish themselves from the status quo on the basis of their background. As sons and daughters of Africa, they come from the townships and villages of South Africa, they understand the plight of the African majority – their roots and are bound by duty and consciousness to make a difference. BBEC also sought to back-up the political mission of an African Renaissance with an Africa Business Network committed to and delivering an Economic Renaissance. BBEC strives to be the most authoritative voice of business in South Africa, a feat that is inevitable as it represents a membership base of high influential business leaders who will continue to drive this economy into the future. BBEC also plays a significant role behind the scenes to shape policy, act as a sounding board for government, negotiate on sensitive matters that may affect the national agenda and provide commentary on strategic initiatives.