Mr. Siza Khampepe

Siza Khampepe

He is currently CEO of Indyebo Investments (Pty) Limited. He was Managing Director of Hlano financial Services and Khayalethu Home Loans (Pty) Limited. The latter was in housing finance and development with mostly distressed asset base of +- R1.5 billion. He turned around the company and made it profitable and it was bought by Hlano Financial Services in 2001. During this period, he was in the National Housing board and there was a national mortgage bond boycott. Through his endeavour, the National Joint Task Force was established together with Sanco, (South African National Civic Association) a structure created to normalize the housing environment that has been ravaged by bond boycotts. He was co-chairman together with Sanoc’s National President, The mission was successful in making the company profitable, and bring an end to the bond boycotts.